All for Japan

Through close technical exchanges with Chinese manufacturers, we believe that our mission is to create products that customers really want. We would like to contribute to the Japanese people by adding product sales to individual customers to our business that has only been wholesale to companies in Japan so far. Also, in order to promote Japanese art, we will provide photographs of Japanese gardens to people in Japan and overseas who love Japan.

All for Japan. Give my best.


We are selling “safe, secure, and easy-to-use” products that put customers first (domestic sales only).

Photo download sales

A blog that introduces attractive Japanese gardens that I go to as a hobby, "Tankenteien".

This time, we have started selling downloads of the photos of the Japanese garden introduced in Tankenteien. I hope that I can inherit the charm of the beautiful Japanese garden through the photographs.

We will download and sell 2 sizes of JPEG photos and RAW photos.

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