Scope of use of photo download products

Uses of Purchased Photo Download Products (List of Available/Prohibited Items)

You can use the downloaded material as many times as you like within the following range regardless of whether it is in Japan or overseas. There is no additional charge for secondary use. Credit notation (copyright indication obligation) is not required. You can freely trim, synthesize, add text, and process colors. Production companies can use it for client deliverables.

  • Used as part of product packaging and label design
  • Proposals and presentation materials
  • Media/Digital Content
    ・Design for corporate homepages, websites, e-commerce sites, content in videos
    ・Broadcasting business such as TV and internet (analog, digital broadcasting, video distribution), programs (including props, packages, overseas broadcasting, rebroadcasting)
    ・newspaper article
    ・Magazines: covers, articles, comic backgrounds
    ・Books/e-books ・Mooks: covers, articles
    ・Free paper: cover, article
    ・Design for mobile/smartphone apps
    ・Music products: packages, booklets, CDs
    ・Game software: packages, manuals, in-game
    ・CD-ROM: package, manual, in CD-ROM
    ・DVD video: package, video
    ・Commercial movie: In the play (including DVD props)
  • Corporate activities, announcements, advertisements
    ・Free handouts, pamphlets, catalogs, leaflets, DM, flyer premium, menus, POP, banners, posters, newsletters, instruction manuals, etc.
    ・For exhibitions: displays, sign maps, pictographs
    ・Signboards, digital signage, street visions, wall stickers, wallpaper
    ・Broadcasting business such as TV (analog, digital broadcasting, video broadcasting), CM, commercials (including rebroadcast packages, overseas broadcasting)
    ・Newspaper advertisement
    ·Magazine advertising
    ・Advertisement for books and mooks
    ・Advertisement in free paper
    ・Corporate homepage/WEB site, EC site advertisement (banner)
    ・Facilities/traffic advertisements (public and non-public), in-vehicle advertisements
  • For teaching materials Materials, illustrations
  • Free distribution calendar
  • personal homepage
    ・Use as profile images on blogs and SNS, etc.
  • Personal printed materials such as New Year's cards and Christmas cards
  • Other personal use

Not available

  • Resale and redistribution as photographic materials
  • The image itself cannot be used or sold without image processing and processing.
  • Use in logo marks, CI, trademarks, etc.
  • Use on adult sites (related content such as advertisements)
  • Use in magazines, doujinshi, game software, and other media that sell age-restricted products
  • Use as an art work to be exhibited as a work in contests, solo exhibitions, etc.
  • Usage that violates public order and morals
  • Use that damages the model's moral rights (use that evokes slander or a negative image, partial cutout or processing of a person's part, expression as if a person model is using a product or service)
  • Image usage rights are non-transferable.
  • It cannot be used for specific religious or political activities.

The use of all images, thumbnails, etc. displayed on the website of Gung Ho Co., Ltd. other than those downloaded from purchased images is prohibited. Also, please refrain from direct links to images.

Please contact us if you wish to use it for purposes not listed.