About product

About handling products

At our company, we mainly handle merchandise such as flexible container bags and photo download products such as Japanese gardens.
We mainly sell flexible container bags of various shapes. We would like to make full use of the knowledge and technology that we have acquired in the wholesale business so far, and cooperate with Chinese manufacturers to create products that customers really want.
For photo download products, we will sell photos of Japanese gardens posted on a blog called [Tankenteien], which is a hobby. [Tankenteien] is a blog that introduces gardens filled with Japanese culture to those who love Japan. The purpose is to sell mainly to foreigners who are interested in Japan.

Commitment to products

Based on the close technical exchanges with Chinese manufacturers that we have built up so far, we believe that it is possible to create products that put first and foremost what the customer really wants, and that will please our customers. We are committed to creating products that enrich the lives of our customers. In addition, I will write about what I felt when I actually went to the Japanese garden on my blog, and I will post the photos I took there, with the aim of sharing my feelings and the goodness of Japanese culture with the people who read it. I'm writing a blog called [Tankenteien].
Both are products and photos that I am particular about, and I am always thinking about how to convey the goodness of Japan so that customers can enjoy it.


We are selling “safe, secure, and easy-to-use” products that put customers first (domestic sales only).