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探検庭園(株式会社 元豊)

Kita Yatsugatake Tsuboniwa Nature Park


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It is a nature park with walking trails on a wide lava plateau at an altitude of over 2,237m, so there are mountains over 2,300m as far as the eye can see. Clouds at an altitude of 2,000 meters or more are continuously moved by westerly winds, so you can see them moving quickly over the mountains. Sometimes you can see the clouds moving beneath your feet. Clouds never stop, and the landscape keeps changing moment by moment. The lava plateau on top of the mountain, created by forces beyond the reach of human power, is caressed by clouds carried by a westerly wind that cannot be prevented by human power. It shows that things change and become dispersed due to strong forces. On earth, it is not easy to create a garden that exhibits this kind of discrete logic. Currently, the world continues to change significantly. Using the analogy of a garden on the ground, he teaches us that it is difficult to predict changes in a stable life.

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