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探検庭園(株式会社 元豊)

Keikokuji Temple


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It is a stone structure where ancient Japanese gods reside. The entire Iwagumi represents a dragon. Since the garden was created in a closed space, it also expresses the heart. By solidifying your heart with the spirit of your ancestors who have become gods, you can satisfy your own desire for survival, find what you should do, and clear away your thoughts. On calm days, the wind does not disturb the surface of the water, making you feel as if you are meditating, as if a dragon were living there quietly. On days of strong winds, the trees in the mountains shake, the sound of the wind becomes louder, the water surface ripples, and everything seems to be scattered.At times like these, we think of our ancestors, pray to the ancestral gods, and our hearts are strengthened. It teaches what to do to avoid clutter. Japanese people visit shrines whenever they have something to do. In order to calm down and create something new, it is necessary to visit a shrine and absorb the spirit of the ancestors who have become gods into your heart.

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