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探検庭園(株式会社 元豊)

Akishino temple Garden


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The garden, where trees were planted and moss was grown on the ruins of the temple, has become a forest of tall trees of many varieties. Perhaps because the ground is covered with beautiful moss, or perhaps because it is a crossroads for the paths of many gods and Buddhas, it is full of spiritual energy. There is no artificial mountain in this garden, and since it is a guardian forest for Yasho Goryo Shrine adjacent to the south, there is no borrowed mountain. When you look up at the tall trees in the deep forest, you can see the blue sky and clouds peeking through the treetops. There is an old well, so you can feel that underground water is flowing. The moss surface represents the ground with sufficient moisture. At first glance, Nara is humble and quiet, but the history of Nara is that it completed the project to unify Japan, created a culture of ancient tombs, made Buddhism the national religion, switched worship of nature to worship of shrines, introduced the Ritsuryo system, or bureaucratic system, and completed the feudal state. He appears to have played a role in restoring Nara to a sacred place for worshiping nature.

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